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You are based in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh.

Yes, I have a gallery in The Buttermarket which is an Art's & Craft's centre. I cover weddings all over and have covered weddings as far away as Rome, Italy.

What style would you say your photography falls into

Hard to say. I will use different styles at different times of the day.

Editorial for the bridal preps, reception location, couple shots.

Documentary for the ceremony, candid shots, cake cutting, speeches and first dance.

Classical for the few group shots which are taken quickly and professionally. The quickest that we have got through the group shots is 12 minutes so we won't bore you with them.

I love using flash in my photography because of the amount of control it gives me in the finished image and it also adds a bit of life back into the eyes. Knowing how to use flash means we don't have to worry about the weather especially during the winter months.

What makes you different from every other photographer

I work longer and harder than the majority of other photographers (according to the video guys) to make your day more relaxed. I am unobtrusive and often get mistaken for a wedding guest due to the way that I dress and because I don't order people about.

During a wedding, I will start with the bridal preparations and carry on photographing until the first dance. Most other photographers will stop just before the meal begins, which means that they have to have everything done before then. This is where things can get tense. The way that I work means that things can be done later if needed such as the group shots.

Why are your prices slightly more expensive than other photographers

There are several reasons. The main one is that other photographers find difficult to compete on quality so they have try the lower price angle. I guess this means that they will cut corners with your photos.

We use professional cameras and lens so that you benefit from the highest quality images.

Our print lab is probably the highest quality that there is in the UK & Ireland and we are not saying that lightly. This quality comes at a cost but you will appreciate the difference. I have seen the print quality from other photographers and all I would say is come in and compare their print quality to ours with regards to sharpness, lighting and colour correction.

Photography is my profession and therefore I have professional costs to cover such as rent, rates, lighting, heating, telephone, Internet, website, business insurance, income tax, computer equipment and software, photographic equipment and servicing along with transport costs. To tell you the truth the expenses list never seems to stop.

What type of camera do you use

It's a black one. What you need to understand is the camera does not dictate the type of picture it takes. It is the monkey behind the camera. The camera does not dictate the quality of the print. It is the Processing Lab that dictates the print quality.

What can we expect to happen before the wedding

We will meet up either in the studio and preferably at the wedding venue to confirm the finer details of the day like locations and timings. I like to find out where the bride will be getting ready so that there is no misunderstanding about where I have to go on the morning of the wedding.

How do we book you as our wedding photographer

The first thing to do is contact us to check availability. If it is then we will need you to complete our Wedding Contract (which we will email out to you) and send it back to us with your booking fee of £200. Only on receipt of the booking fee and completed contract can we confirm your date. We do not hold dates for anyone which is understandable. The remaining balance is due one month prior to the wedding. The pre-wedding meeting is a good time to settle this remaining balance.

Do you have public liability insurance in case the venue asks for it

We carry full public liability insurance to the value os £5,000,000. We also carry public indemnity insurance. If your wedding venue asks for your photographers insurance details (which they increasingly are doing) then we would be happy to forward it to them.

What happens after the wedding

After your dress has been hung away, your meal digested and your flowers have wilted we will be busy working on your memories of the day which will be with you forever. If you have requested a slideshow then it will be put online within a couple of days of your wedding. Your images will be edited and processed for final presentation. Once this process has been completed your images will be posted onto your own password protected online gallery.

Is there anything else that we need to know about you

I don't drink coffee. I could live on chocolate. I like Italian, Greek & Indian food and enjoy the occasional pint of Guinness. I compete in the Irish Superkart Championship (weddings permitting). 0-60 in 3.5 secs and a top speed of 120 MPH tend to focus the mind and vision. I have two children to my wife Fiona. Live in Enniskillen. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya. I charge £500 extra if you want me to say 'Cheese' when taking a picture of you.

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