Ken McBride Photography based in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, concentrates on four main genres of photography. Weddings, People, Interiors and 360° virtual reality. He also likes to try out new techniques which can be found in his Personal section of the web site.

The 4 main sections covering Wedding Photography, People & Portrait Photography, Interiors Photography and 360° virtual reality each have a short intro to the section and then it's straight to his images.

After the image galleries on each page you will find a brief written description about each of the sections.

The main aim of this web site is to visually show case Ken McBride's work.

Here is a small sample of the different types of photography the I do.

David + Alexandra
Wedding: Herbert, Graham
Wedding Venue: Crom Castle.
Alexandra + David
Wedding: Herbert, Graham
Wedding Venue: Crom Castle.
The Overtones
Wedding: Herbert, Graham
Wedding Venue: Crom Castle.
Neil, Sarah + Old Friend
Wedding: Kelly, Burke
Wedding Venue: Lough Erne Golf Resort.
Wedding: Kelly, Burke
Wedding Venue: Lough Erne Golf Resort.
Wedding: McCartney, Dolan
Wedding Venue: Rathmullan House.
Wedding: Fisher, Dickey
Wedding Venue: Home.
Street Photography
Location: London
Studio Headshot Photography
Location: The Buttermarket, Enniskillen
Lifestyle Photography
Location: Fermanagh
Event Photography
Location: Fermanagh
King William Walk, London, SE10
Sitting Room, Ground floor
King William Walk, London, SE10
Dining Room, 1st floor
Portora Wharf, Enniskillen
Living Room + Balcony
Willoughby Place, Enniskillen
Willoughby Place, Enniskillen
Dining Room
Willoughby Place, Enniskillen
Master Bedroom


Ken covers all sizes of weddings from the small civil ceremony wedding, that may only require a professional photographer for an hour or two (Watch Lisa's Story), right up the the wedding that the bride wants the whole day covered, from the Bridal prep right through to the First Dance.

"I have developed an unobtrusive but classical style of wedding photography. Using natural light and flash I can make your images really stand out from the crowd. I have photographed at all the major wedding venues in Fermanagh, Donegal, Cavan, Monaghan and further afield throughout Ireland."


People photography is a real challenge. It takes time, experience and patience to get the right shot but when you get it, it really is worth the wait. In Ken's People Section you will find photographs of people in varying situations from head shots, environmental portraits through to street scenes.

"I am currently focused on head shots due to the importance of having a powerful but pleasing image to portray yourself online. People do judge a book by its cover so the difference that a professional head shot will have over a 'selfie' can be powerful. All these images are of people just like you."

Property & Interiors

Ken's Property & Interiors section has a wide scope and can cover anything from the interiors of houses, cars or aircraft. This section shows still images along with some 360 virtual reality interior work.

Effective interiors photography is a delicate balance of lighting to get the detail in the scene to come to life in a way that shows what the viewer will see in real life.


Ken has developed a highly regarded portfolio of 360° vr work ranging from the interior of aircraft such as Concorde down to small private jets and helicopters. Car interiors also feature here especially Rally Car interiors.

360° virtual reality photography is a highly precise form of photography that takes time to capture and edit. This form of photography is ideal for a client who wants to show absolutely everything that is included in the scene.


Ken is constantly thinking of how he can develop new visual images. In his Personal Section don't be surprised as to what you will find. This is his R&D area where you will find different projects and also where he is starting to dabble in Video.

"Fusion photography is an area that I have become very interested in and I have some interesting concepts that will evolve over time."

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